Classy Bossy


Classy Bossy is an R & D based clothing brand. It has started its journey in earlier 2019 in online platform with focusing Print on Demand (POD) of foreign buyer while having valued clients from USA, Canada, Finland, Poland, UAE and Malaysia. The brand emphasized the ultimate choices of the buyer and delivering a superior value accordingly.

Classy Lab

You Imagine! We Create

We believe a person shall wear what he/she choose to wear. Everyone has different choices, preference of colors and artwork. Here in classy lab, we do everything to create your design what you wish to have on you. Let’s think with your beautiful mind and let us know what we can do for you?

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Professional Hawk


Classy Bossy has been founded by creative young minds who pledged to serve the highest quality with best designs. The untiring effort of our Hawk laid the very foundation of success of where the classy bossy is standing.

Kawsar Hasan

Marketing Hawk

Tanveer Mahmud

Chief Designer

Khadiza Al

Design Hawk (Canada)

Abdur Rahim

Accounts Hawk


For what it’s worth!

We believe an amazing experience can make the best of memories. Consequently, we focus on empathy of choices. Delivering the best clothing experience with highest quality and making your every second count is our prior value concern.

Founder & Chief


This magnificent journey has been founded from the collaboration of marvelous brotherhood. Sharing the same vision that intersects in this clothing reality.


Innovation Lab

Encouraging all the startup, young minds, merchant, freelancer and seekers to share what you can offer in order to exchange and build a sustainable relation.